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QualityScaffold Application, Empire Scaffold

Empire Scaffold maintains an extensive scaffolding inventory that includes System Scaffold (All-round), wood boards, steel and aluminum hook planks, aluminum stage boards and tube and clamp. The equipment is produced by manufacturers that we have strategically qualified based on their history of constructing high-quality products.

With a focus on safety and professionalism, we’re committed to delivering the highest quality products and services so that our customers can maintain optimal productivity. Our Quality Control Program ensures that material is received by our customers on time and in ready-to-use condition. Additionally, we utilize cost-effective, third-party delivery services while maintaining a fleet of our own delivery trucks to provide 24/7 in-house delivery capabilities.

Scaffold Application, Empire ScaffoldScaffold Application, Empire Scaffold
We aim to make Empire Scaffold’s quality performance and service the standard by which all others will be measured. Our difference…the expertise of a dedicated, experienced team.